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January 21, 2018



Panic and Despair: Chile, Peru real legacy of depraved FrancisChurch

Trump's UN Amb. Nikki Haley blasts Venezuela for targeting Catholic bishops

Trappist abbey of Mariawald: Pope Benedict’s Christian renewal nothing now but FrancisDust

Praise from CruxMag's Allen for 'The Callista' and her pledge to back the state-funded, Francis-Turkson, anti-Catholic Africa gravy train!

Fr. H: Allow me to bestow upon you some advice I have had to learn the hard way. Never trust a Liberal. Even as the slippery b****rd looks you straight in the eye.

'Leading Catholic light', Joseph Pearce: Viktor Orban's real defense of Christian Europe could "lead to the Nazi gutter of ethnolatry"!

U.S. Bishops fight Trump admin; back thuggish, anti-Catholic, powerful, society-wrecking Chicago public sector unions in fundraising battle

DeathChurch: Traitorous FrancisBishop Scicluna says removing Catholicism from the Maltese Constitution won't affect its 'mission'

Why does Francis’ abuse point man, Card. O’Malley, think due process for accused clerics is an assault upon victims?

Company Man: Boston Globe blasts Francis for his arrogant, pro-abuse intransigence

CruxMag calls Francis' marian 'devotion' his 'love affair with Mary'

....In Trujullo, Chivalrous Francis rails against that terrible plague of 'femicide'

....Most clericalist man in history, Pope Francis, tells Peruvian Bishops that the opposite of clericalism is his creepy doctrine of 'closeness'

....EncouragingFrancis: Don't be one of those contemplatives with a shrunken heart who lost her fruitfulness, complaining and gossiping all day. They're terrorists, not mothers.

....Lima: Funny Francis tells contemplatives, "Seeing you here, I get the impression that you took advantage of this visit to get out for some fresh air!"

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